Links in the Chain – BIM – Integration -Contract -Management

I want to share this video from The B1M, an excellent video resource for all things BIM.

I was immediately struck by the first 30 seconds, where it sets the challenge for organisations wanting to leverage the maximum from emerging technologies.

The video begins, “Building information modelling (BIM) is a huge opportunity to change the construction industry for the better. It forces us to address numerous long-standing issues and switches mind-sets from the physical output of a building – and how cheaply and quickly we can build it – to outcomes for people and organisations across our society. That’s a big deal that means a more collaborative, profitable and respected industry for everyone.  (You) must reconsider client briefs, your procurement approach, the way you transfer risk down the supply chain and the way you currently structure information”.

We see the same cultural, contractual and process changes as the key inhibitors to the successful uptake of mobile and integration technologies that are about to sweep the business world, including construction.  Business disruption will reach into every corner of your organisation.


John Lowry is a director of thepowertool pty ltd, developers of MIAC-Workflow Integration

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