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Out of time, out of luck: harsh time bars defeat EOT claim

Time bars in contacts have an important function as a method to maintain control and management of cost and time blowouts. They can be difficult to comply with, however non-compliance can be very dangerous, particularly with extensions of time claims. to succeed, every person in your crew (office and site), must understand their responsibility and be engaged with the process. Continue reading

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Getting paid is simple, but it’s not easy….well, it’s not really simple either

Getting paid under a construction contract seems like a simple administrative process, separate from the main game of the business. It is not – it is a complex process that is strictly controlled and defined by contract conditions and legislation. … Continue reading

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Leveraging Mobile Technologies for Business

Breakout paper given at IAMA national conference 2012.  Verscase Hotel, Gold Coast, Australia. LEVERAGING MOBILE TECHNOLOGIES FOR PROFIT on Prezi

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CPD – ENTITLEMENT – Part 4 The Building and Construction Industry Payment’s Act 2004 (The Payments Act), No. 5 – Duplicate Contracts and Defects

Duplicate Contracts When the documents aren’t up to a lump sum price contractors often sign a cost-plus contract for the work plus a lump sum contract for the Bank to help the client with its funding.  It can be a … Continue reading

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Case Note – When is a Builders Licence not a Builders Licence?

 Introduction It is a common battleground in adjudications taking place in Queensland under the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act 2004 (Qld) (BCIPA) that issues relating to the licensing status of those that perform building work and the type or … Continue reading

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Suspending Work on Site – Another very good reason to use Payments Acts for “Business as Usual”

Lately, we have seen a rash of subcontractors voting with their feet over non-payment and other disputes on site.  The trouble is, by not complying with legislation, they put themselves in a very vulnerable position rather than a very strong … Continue reading

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Payment and Licencing – Think about it; every time.

I took a call this week from a distressed (small) subcontractor who had not been paid for his work.  He had been working as a labour-only subcontractor to a licenced subcontractor.    The subcontractor was terminated by the builder who … Continue reading

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